Optical measurement system

Assessments using an optical measurement system

CMP is supplied with a structured light optical measurement system, which produces a grid light projection on the surface of an object and records millions of points acquired by two structured light sensor cameras.

The software programme then processes and calculates the coordinates of all points with high precision, generating a file in STL format. The high level of sampling and the very high precision of the acquired data allow the evaluation of the deviation between the digitised physical model and the reference CAD model, allowing the certification of the measured objects through chromatic and numerical mappings in 2D and 3D mode.

The acquired data can then be exported in standard formats for further processing (see Reverse Engineering).

The total mobility and portability of the optical measurement system, combined with its high precision, allow us to also carry out optical measurement or digitalisation services at the client's premises for objects of medium to large sizes, without any limitations in shape, weight, material or shifting of the object. 

Photo by Diego PH

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