CMP Srl (‘Controlli Metrologici di Precisone’), or ‘Metrological Precision Testing’, offers a wide range of assistance and consultancy services in the field of dimensional metrology, ranging from 2D and 3D dimensional assessments to Reverse Engineering, from statistical analysis to ad-hoc training workshops on the use of 3D measurement centres, up to the design and supply of templates and control gauges.

The services offered by CMP are aimed at those who need to carry out measurements to determine the dimensional and geometric characteristics of their products and verify their compliance with the requirements of the design or mathematical model. 

2D assessment

The two-dimensional (2D) assessment is a test to determine the...

3D assessment

The use of specialised software applications combines the 3D measurement centres with...

Capability and statistical analysis

One of the primary requirements for product quality improvement is the...

Optical measurement system

2D and 3D assessments with structured light optical measuring system.


Digitisation of objects of any size, shape and...

Design and supply of control templates

Design and construction of control gauges and templates for...

Training workshops

The delivery and development of staff training over time is...

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Since 1992, we have been supporting companies in solving problems related to dimensional measurement and verification by also tackling customised projects.